A Morning in the Life of Pork Chop

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Friday, October 19, 2007
Holy crap! This is so Pork Chop!

With thanks to Joanne for the tip!
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  1. Marisela Said,

    OMG! That was hi-larious. Reminds of the time I cat sat for a friend. And just a wet nose on my cheek was enough to freak me out the first morning, then she had to jump on me and by the third morning I think a bat would have been necessary.


  2. Peter Varvel Said,

    Prince, I sooo almost sent this clip to you yesterday, when it was forwarded to me at work.

    Hey, we have a new kitten!


  3. Quin Said,

    it's kitty

    my old cat

    look, we aren't good with naming things...


  4. I swear this IS Pork Chop!


  5. Cheryl Said,

    My cat O.C. (who is an Orange Cat, not a fan of Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson) must be related to Pork Chop. Although as my girlfriend pointed out, "I think O.C. uses a trumpet instead of a bat." He's a pacifist, but a loud one.


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