Responsible Living...or an Excuse to Get Hammered?

After an exhausting weekend that was bookended by 400-mile drives to and from San Francisco, I returned to my Glendale apartment to find Loren and Joanne testing out a newly purchased breathalyzer by drinking as much wine as they could and blowing into the machine every two minutes or so. I was subjected to the device's incessant beeping for several hours.

Then Donovan came over to test out the breathalyzer by drinking wine too, which means the the beeping continued late into the night.

Do your friends do this?


  1. Sorry for the beeping. It was hard to believe I was only blowing a .01 after a glass of wine, so I kept blowing and thus beeping; repeatedly.

  2. Anonymous10/01/2007

    FYI should you be a casting director Donovan will blow waaaayyyyy more than a .01 if you catch my drift...

  3. Oh, Donovan, are you leaving anonymous comments about yourself again?