Turning Filipino

The San Francisco Chronicle has a podcast called Pinoy Pod, and I just came across an episode that is all about the recent APAture arts festival. In the show's description, it states, "This year's festival featured Filipino American artists such as playwright Prince Gomolvilas."

Wait wait wait WHAT?!

I am not now and I have never been a member of the Filipino race. I know the last name throws some people off, but, really, LOOK AT ME. In a trillion years I would never be mistaken as Filipino! Mistaken for Chinese, sure, but not Filipino.

I am a proud Thai American, and I do not wish to be associated with a race that includes people like Noel Alumit. He's always trying to steal my thunder. And my man. Hands off, bitch!

Look at Noel. Now there's a Filipino:


  1. Hey, hey, HEY, now! Y u B hatin'?
    You should be HONORED to be mistaken for people like Noel, AND me!
    I get asked, sometimes, if I'm Filipino (usually people don't know what the hell I am).

    I would crack people in the jawline, however, with a well-aimed, ballet-trained kick, if anyone were to mistake me for some queer Thai playwright that "plays the perfect little faggot."

    (hey, looka me! I gots my comments privileges back, at work!)

  2. Steal your thunder? You mean that tiny little fart of a sound you make? LOL. Yes, please don't mistake Prince for Filipino--that's an insult to all decent Filipinos out there. Hell, Prince can't sing, dance or box. (Oh, can you tell your boyfriend to stop calling me--I'm not interested!)

  3. Yay! i can't wait for the end of your overlooked movies entries!

  4. You see, public?! Proof that all Noel does is torture me incessantly!