The Tweens/Teens Are at It Again

I woke up this morning staring down the barrel of a shitload of e-mails informing me that the tweens and teens are back in action on QueerSighted. And I actually had to log completely out of my e-mail account because comments have been coming in literally every minute or so—and I have to get some work done today and watch The People's Court. I can't be sitting around all day, arguing with junior high school students.

A chunk of the comments are in regard to JK Rowling's outing of Dumbledore, Harry Potter's headmaster, but the most interesting ones are in response to "Gay Gay Gay Gay Gaaaaaaaaaay; Or, The 'Gay' Reclamation Project." Those comments are sometimes unintentionally funny, sometimes surprisingly insightful, sometimes eye-rollingly infuriating—but, in general, the discourse about the word "gay," about issues of race, and about social movements is really fascinating.

Too bad QueerSighted is "in transition." So far it's been a blast to unwittingly encourage young America to think critically about important issues. Most of them don't (but at least we get some hilarious comments out of them), but some of them take the bait and end up being a valuable part of the discourse. How cool is that?


  1. Anonymous10/23/2007

    Haha I like some of the comments on that blog...and some of the others just make me want to cry. Some of them are, as you say, just plain infuriating. I wish that the people who posted them would look to see the replies...but I doubt that they will.

  2. Man I love Freudian slips.

    “I am a *homophobic* african american and I must say I didn't agree with the majority of the things I read in these comments or in the blog… But personally I want to let all of you know that Heaven and Hell is real and that if you choose to live a *homophobic* life you will be sent into eternal damnation.”

  3. Some of those tween comments are so straightarded.

  4. My friend Ken used to go around saying, "That's so hetero!" As in, "I can't believe that bouncer wouldn't let me into the club--that's so hetero!"