Will You Please Do Your Job, Google?!

How come lately I'm the last to see press? Damn you, Google Alert, you're not working! From the San Francisco Chronicle:


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Monday, October 15, 2007

Impact Theatre season announced

Impact Theatre, the gutsy - some might say anarchic - little company that puts on plays in a Berkeley pizza parlor basement, has finally gotten around to announcing its current season. We say "finally" because Impact plunged into its 12th season early in September with the West Coast premiere of Steven Yockey's offbeat "Sleepy." Artistic Director Melissa Hillman bided her time for another month, getting her full season lined up before announcing the rest.

Two of the shows build on past Impact crowd-pleasers. "A Very Special Money & Run Winter Season Holiday Special," opening Nov. 16 - Impact's first actual holiday show - is the fifth episode of Wayne S. Rawley's cartoon-ish action-adventure serial. This time his outlaw heroes hole up at a motel where a pregnant virgin and her boyfriend have been told to sleep in the garage. In February, the company returns to Prince Gomolvilas and songwriter Brandon Patton's popular "Jukebox Stories" with the follow-up "Jukebox Stories: The Case of the Creamy Foam."

The season closes in May with Impact's annual classic, this time John Ford's "'Tis Pity She's a Whore" - oddly, just about the same time the American Conservatory Theater will be closing its season with the same Jacobean gore-and-incest tragedy. Must be something in the air. Well before the next play opens, though, Impact is staging what it calls "Full Houses," a benefit poker tournament, at its home in La Val's Subterranean. Full information at (510) 464-4468 or www.impacttheatre.com.
—Robert Hurwitt

When I first skimmed through that article and saw 'Tis a Pity She's a Whore, I for a second thought that was the title of my show. Reflex. (Some would say "gag reflex.")

And you know, what I want to know is, when did Brandon Patton grow his beard out?! (It looks good, Brando.) And what is he doing in Iceland?! And how come I frequently overuse the question mark/exclamation point combination?!


  1. haha. you're making it sound like you didn't know you were doing jukebox stories again!

  2. Well, I knew THAT. But I also need to know immediately whenever someone prints something about me anywhere! :)

  3. haha! like i sent you that article with your picture three months after it was printed..needless to say i'm worse than google alerts when it comes to updating things.

  4. Anonymous10/24/2007

    one word, interobang

  5. I don't remember you having any gag reflex.

  6. Rob Hurwitt's favorite adjectives in regards to Impact: gutsy, feisty, little.

    Seriously. We're always gutsy or feisty, and ALWAYS little.

    I want it to be February already. Are you planning on one or two days of rehearsal, or are you guyz just going to jump right in?

  7. Rehearsals are for pussies!

    (Actually, Brandon is flying out to L.A. about a week or two before opening, and we're going to rehearse in my apartment. Basically, we're gonna show up at La Val's, throw shit on the floor, tell you to turn on the lights, and perform.)

  8. That'sa my kinda show.

    Are we going for a bachelor pad set again? Because I've got some crap that can be thrown out (or on stage).

  9. Diana, don't throw anything away! As you know, Brandon and I are very "method" so we need authentic crap on that stage.

  10. I just threw some old jello pudding cups away yesterday.

    I'M SORRY. I'll save everything else!