You Can't Possibly Be THAT Hungry

On my way back to Los Angeles from San Francisco last weekend, I stopped in Albany (near Berkeley) to have dim sum with Rica.

Rica and Loren are similar because, when they enter a dim sum restaurant, they suddenly transform into ravenous food whores. And their M.O. is to order as much as possible, until the table is covered in steamed baskets and the wait staff is horrified by such a public display of unabashed gluttony.

The last time I had dim sum with Rica, there was enough food on the table to feed a small Asian nation. This time, I took charge and set a limit on how much we could order. It's the proper and most Asian thing to do. Rica, I'm rescinding your race card.


  1. with our meal plans we get a bunch of 'flex dollars' and we hardly ever spend them, so one of the guys on my floor, ricky, wants to take a bunch of us out for dim sum at the end of the year. too bad, for having as many asian people on the UCI campus as we do, we don't have a dim sum, and the only place we can get sushi is a starbucks-like cafe.

  2. I am a dim sum whore. Don't let me look at it or smell it, because I will have to try it.

  3. Where did you guys go to dim sum in ALBANY? King Tsin?

    If it was King Tsin, that restaurant is a block and a half from my parents' house.