You So Tall! (Maybe)

I just started watching Judd Apatow's cancelled TV series, Undeclared, a perceptive comedy about a nerd who attempts to reinvent himself when he starts college as a freshman. (He gets a new haircut and rips up his X-Files poster in the opening.)

I looked up the show's funny and hot star, Jay Baruchel, and fell down the rabbit hole and landed in an ongoing discussion thread about whether or not Baruchel is 6'2". I'm not kidding. Here's the entire unedited IMDB thread. Witness the absurdity:

Topic: 6'2" my ass

* This guy ain't 6'2", he's like 5'11" 6' at best. He looks tiny next to 6'2 1/2" Morgan Freeman. Who pulled off 6'2 anyway?

* I agree, I was just thinking the exact same thing.

* He has a tiny face. However he is still above average height but not really considered tall. If he truly was 6'2" then Morgan Freeman would only looker taller than him if they were very close together but that's not the case, he's about 5'11 or 6'.

* Look at him next to Jason Segel in Undeclared. That guy's huge and Jay doesn't look THAT short next to him.

* Since IMDB is terrible with heights, my opinion still stands until he gets posted on allthough Jay isn't on that site either. If you want a more reliable source for how tall celebs are go to

* what do you know? He is 5'11 3/4" on Just got added yeseterday. So that mean whoever you named is only about 6'1 or 6'2"

* Yeah, he's about 6 feet tall. I've tried to change this IMDb height multiple times, but it doesn't go through.

* IMDB is not a reliable source for heights. It should be required a link of the celeb's height rather than people guessing randomly. It would be better but It still wouldn't be trust worthy.

* Met him many times - he is at least 6'2"

* I'm 6'4". If he's 6'2" than I'm pushing 2 meters ROFL.

* Its true - he just hunches a lot - very thin. I'm 5'9 and he is easily a good 5 inches taller at least (forgive my math)!


  1. It doesn't matter, because Baruchel is hotter than curry in July. He was also hilarious in Almost Famous. I've loved him for years.

  2. FUCK! I wish I were taller . . .

    But then I meet someone like you, and feel better

    (cuz u so talented and powerful!)

  3. and i thought message boards had inane comments.

    peter...are you.. flirting???

  4. I want a piece of this. ANY piece of this.