Bore-o-wulf, Part 3: The "I'm Not There" Edition

Purposefully incoherent to anybody who doesn't know absolutely everything—and I mean everything—about Bob Dylan, I'm Not There is a "fuck you" to the layperson.

Simply YouTubing clips of Cate Blanchett's entertaining take on Dylan and renting Todd Haynes's brilliantly creepy suburban nightmare, Safe, are perfectly viable (and sanity preserving) alternatives.

...Speaking of Blanchett:

...And speaking of Safe:


  1. Thanks for heads-up/thumbs-down PG.

    Unfortunately, given previous obsessions with Mr. Z., I probably won't be able to stay away......

    (btw - have you seen Redacted? Opinion?)



  2. I missed the first week "Redacted" was out, and now it's only playing far away at 9:30PM at night. I have to make complicated plans to trek out there.... We shall see....