Bore-o-wulf, Part 4: The "Awake" Edition; Plus, Revisiting "Shattered Glass"

I can stare longingly at Hollywood hottie Hayden Christensen for excruciatingly long periods of time—which would explain why I sat through the entire 78-minute running time of Awake. Certainly, the idea of anesthetic awareness is one of the most terrifying things imaginable, but who knew it would be so boring?

I adore young Darth Vader so much that I will gladly link to any blogs that agree wholeheartedly with me and I will direct your attention to his star-making turn as a sort of intellectual sociopath in the nifty drama, Shattered Glass, the true story of a journalist-cum-pathological liar:

What's most interesting about Shattered Glass, I think, is that who the protagonist is changes halfway through the movie—completely shifting point of view and thrillingly defying narrative tradition.


  1. Seriously, visit Rotten Tomatoes. It is your friend. A movie that has been on a shelf for two years, and not shown in advance to critics is all you need to know.

    It could have also saved you from Hitman and The Mist, though made you very optimistic prior to Beowulf and I'm Not There (which I still want to see), but even so, a 50 percent batting average is better than what you have going on now, no?

  2. I am in whole agrrement with Jeff here. No idea who he is but yes, Rotten Tomatoes is YOUR FRIEND.

    Shattered Glass kick ass! I truly enjoyed it when I wacthed it on HBO and then one day during my Media Writing class, my lecturer put this movie on with the emphasis on "journalistic credibility". Then we have to write a 1000 word paper about it.

    Yeah, I scored that one on accounts that I really enjoyed this movie.

  3. You all should very well know by now that I am into self-abuse. And I just can't stop! Besides, Rotten Tomatoes can't tell me how hot Hayden Christensen is in a particular movie or if he has a bathtub scene (he does!). That kind of stuff I just have to find out for myself.

    By the way, I just found out on Wikipedia that this is what Stephen Glass is up to: "As of 2007, he was working as a paralegal as well as performing with a Los Angeles comedy troupe known as Un-Cabaret."


  4. If you had seen a lot of the better options, sure, but I don't recall you reviewing:

    -- Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
    -- Lars and the Real Girl
    -- The Savages
    -- Margot at the Wedding
    -- Starting Out in the Evening
    -- Southland Tales (though Rotten Tomatoes would advise against it)

    You can always watch Hayden suck old guys off in Life as a House if you need that.

  5. "You can always watch Hayden suck old guys off in Life as a House"


    -- Lars and the Real Girl: Saw it, loved it.

    -- The Savages: Looking forward to it.

    -- Margot at the Wedding: I can't wait. Three of four Noah Baumbach films are on my favorite movies of all time list.

    -- Southland Tales: Left the theaters before I got the chance.

    -- Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Starting Out in the Evening: I will moderately like these at best--I just know.

    Thanks for the tips.