I tried. Because they charged me $1.50 extra to see it in 3-D. So I really really tried.


  1. It sucked? Crap, I'm watching it tonight with the family.

    Anyways I hope John Malkovich is good. He is after all a great actor...if not I will definitely bitch about it and you will hear and join me in my bitching.

    Thank you.

  2. Let me know what the Malaysians think!

  3. You're right. Its boring.

    After the 1st half an hour and then the novelty of CGI/3D wears off, basically it just lost its appeal.

    The script is kinda stupid though I like the way they talk, with the "rrr" being dragged at the back. Reminds me of Hindustani but other than that, movie dont have much to offer. Action sequence is blah and although I know a lot of work went into this....I just can't appreciate it.

    I guess for mindless entertainment its fine...and for all the guys that wanna watch Angelina naked it would be great.

    Not for me though. I was bored.

  4. I had a friend asking me about this, and I was on the fence for these very reasons. Thankfully, I saw this blog post first, so I declined. Phew!

  5. my review goes up on monday (sorry, my editor is slow!)

    i only stayed because

    a)i get paid to review it


    b)i get paid to review it, so, i got in free