Fairweather "24" Fans Get a Shot at "Redemption"

Speaking of 24: Redemption, those of you way behind the Jack Bauer curve have a chance to get caught up in all the excitement I've been drumming up on this blog. The special, two-hour, ass-kicking, standalone 24 movie comes out on DVD this week in the United States, December 1 in the U.K. (which, by the way, the Republic of Ireland is not a part of)!

The geeky deets about the DVD:
Special features include:

• Extended Edition "Creator’s Cut" featuring over ten minutes of never-before-seen footage (not shown in the television broadcast version)

• Behind-the-scenes "Making Of" documentary

• Children of War featurette

• Cast / Crew Commentary

• "24" Season 6 in Four Minutes featurette

• Season 7 Sneak Peek – First 16 minutes of the premiere episode
And guess what? You can even watch it online right now!

How many times do you think I'll watch this movie this year?


  1. or go to hulu.com and watch all the 24's you want for free! and you can subscribe to be notified when a new one is up online.

  2. Hmm, with the DVD coming out that fast, I doubt they'll have time to remove the cameraman standing in the middle of the one shot.

    If you still have it TIVO'd (or if somehow there's an .avi on your computer), right when they hear the helicopter and they have to run into the woods, to the left of the frame, there's a cameraman standing there, all in black, pointing a camera at Kiefer.

  3. Pretend like you didn't see that! We are lucky to have gotten two hours worth.

    I was all over the 24 web site this week. Did you catch the goodbye video?


  4. MUMMY!!!!!!!! Christmas present!!!!! Jeff - when I rewatched Series 1 again (and again) we spotted soooo many errant cameramen, we thought they were forgotten characters!

  5. Aaron, you are a fount of information. And I totally forgot that you're a 24 fan too! (Except you complain about it more than I do. Way more. Maybe it's a Jew thing?)

    Jeff and Narrioch, I was on the 24 message board, and they were talking about the wayward cameraman, but I didn't see him. I never see them. The excitement of the scenes usually blind me to filmmaking gaffes.

    Superbadfriend, what goodbye video?!