I Make This Look GOOD

After my failed attempts at suit shopping at Macy's and the boys' section of Target, I inherited a really nice Valentino jacket and slacks from a friend. I took the almost-fitting suit to my neighborhood tailor who needed several days to take it apart and take it in and who wanted me to come in for a second fitting. He then needed several more days to take it in further and put it back together again. It's apparently a huge undertaking to tailor me properly, but I get to pick the suit up today and it looks fantastic on me. Not like pimp fantastic, but like Hollywood fantastic.

I'm wearing it to the L.A. premiere of Juno on Monday, but I refuse to put on a tie with it because then I would look like a gay Republican. Not that there's anything wrong with gay Republicans. Unless they're white. (Just kidding! Just kidding! I love white people! Witness: white cock in mouth! White cock in mouth!)

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  1. lucky.

    me and some friends tried to see a pre-screening of Juno at the block in orange, and for some reason i half expected to see you there...but anyway...we couldn't get in. boo. but we have an indie movie theatre right across the street from the dorms, and they already have the poster up so we're going to see it there when it comes.