I'm Going to Name MY Band "Biff Tannen"; Plus, a Biff Tannen Surprise; Plus, Nakedness!

I may be jumping on the McFly bandwagon about three years too late, but I'm jumping on anyway. I can't stop listening to this British (boy) band that plays catchy pop-punk-ish tunes, as well as songs that are throwbacks to groovy 60s pop. They hold certain distinctions—impressive and dubious—including their appearance in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest band to ever debut an album at number one on the U.K. charts (for Room on the Third Floor in 2004) and the fact that their drummer dated Lindsay Lohan. (I thought lead singers were supposed to get all the action.)

Here's a sunny song that sounds like it was crafted decades ago:

In my research, I confirmed that the band did indeed get its name from Back to the Future—that's why I initially titled this entry "I'm Going to Name MY Band 'Biff Tannen,'" in reference to the film's villain. Then, I discovered that the actor who played Biff Tannen (Tom Wilson) in the movie is a comedian, and he performs funny ditties like this:

Incidentally, the members of McFly are also prone to taking their clothes off. Thank you, Internet!


  1. Hmmm, wonder what the members of Save Ferris look like when they're nekkid?

  2. Of course Tom Wilson was also the gym teacher and Bill's nemesis on Freaks and Geeks too, but if I didn't love him from the episode "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers" I would love him from that clip!

  3. Holy crap, that's right! He gave Sam that terrifying-but-ultimately-liberating sex talk!

  4. Prince Gomolvilas, where you one of the kids from the goonies?

    just kidding... thanks for stopping by, even if you don´t hablas español hahaha. Wes Bentley is hot as much as a psychopath as a weird flying bag lover.
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  5. The funny thing about Tom's song is that apparently Samm Levine who played Neal on F&G used to relentlessly bother him with exactly those kind of questions every day he'd have a scene. It's mentioned in one of the commentaries from the show, but I stupidly can't remember which one. I could use this as an excuse to re-watch the entire series with commentary though...hee.