LaBute Baiting

Dear Neil LaBute:

I suppose you've heard about the upcoming production of The Shape of Things in Pasadena, California (November 29-December 2, 2007). But did you know that it's an all-Asian-American cast?!

You see? We may deride you in public, but we still show you some love from time to time!

I, for one, don't find this casting stunt particularly controversial and it probably isn't meant to be, but don't you think it would've been far more interesting if the Evelyn character was white and everyone else was Asian? Then, it would be a statement about white imperialism or something like that! That would be hilarious!


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  1. this was the first pieces of his works my daughter saw, and i had to bribe her to see another... she was that angry.

    thankfully, she watched another, and was convinced you have to take them one play at a time.

    personally, my current favourite is 'wrecks'.

    ed harris was jaw dropping.