Laughs After Death

Wristcutters: A Love Story is about a guy (Patrick Fugit—remember that kid from Almost Famous?) who kills himself by slitting his wrists, and he discovers that suicide victims wake up in another reality that is just like earth—except just a little bit shittier. That's the brilliance of the Wristcutters—the premise is not too grandstanding and complicated, the humor is not too forcibly outrageous, the characters are not too preciously quirky, and the actors are remarkably deadpan and understated. The pacing sags a bit near the end when they end up at a commune run by Tom Waits (don't ask), but recovers nicely when it fulfills the promise of its subtitle.


  1. A great premise till you mentioned Tom Waits...

  2. this is when i love living in a big city, where i can see real movies in my 14 minutes of free time.