"Les Mist"

You don't expect subtlety from a horror movie like The Mist—but when the script attempts to say Important Things about the nature of humanity, mocks religious fanaticism, and takes a stab at dramatic irony in its final moments, it's akin to clubbing a baby seal. The movie is the club, and you're the seal. And that shit hurts.

Perhaps things wouldn't have seemed so overwrought if the film were actually a large-scale musical—think Les Mist. I'd pay to see that.

Look, the film is a moderately entertaining adaptation of a Stephen King novella, but the only thing I want shoved in my face at a movie like this is monsters, not messages. That's why I do things like get up five minutes into the film to tell a theater employee that their projectionist is only running sound through the front speakers and none of the other ones. They do this often enough at my local cinema that I get suspicious that they purposefully shut down those side speakers in order to save electricity and money, those bastards. I paid good cash—I want my eardrums to explode.

Incidentally, an African-American actor is not the first to die (damning horror movie cliches!), but a whole group of them do get slaughtered en masse one-third into the movie (but thankfully offscreen). I'm not sure what that message is, but it happened. I'm just sayin'.


  1. I am scared to watch this clip, because I really like this long short story, and even listened to it as a book on tape in bed and imagining monsters. Although I wouldn't resist if it were a musical. The overture could be "The research center across the Lake" and include loud shattering footsteps played by huge drums like a dinosaur infested Peter and the Wolf.....

  2. Stephen King writes crappy stories. I dont get why he became as famous ad he is now.

    I mean, his story sucks. Of course there are some good ones but mostly it sucks. Completely overrated.

  3. I used to read Stephen King a lot when I was a kid. One of my favorite King stories of all time is "The Langoliers," which they made into a movie I didn't see.