Music to Die By

Seeing Wristcutters and grooving to its soundtrack reminded me of how fun Gogol Bordello is.

This first clip is by a YouTuber who made a simple slideshow underscored by "Through the Roof 'n' Underground," a song prominently featured in the movie:

This next clip is the music video for my favorite Gogol Bordello song, "Start Wearing Purple," which I first heard during the end credits of Liev Schreiber's funny and moving Everything Is Illuminated:

This final clip is a video somebody made using Tom Waits's beautiful "Dead and Lovely," which played over Wristcutters' opening credits:


  1. I saw Gogol Bordello live at the Fillmore at the end of August.

    IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING. And really loud. But TOTALLY awesome!

  2. I'll check them out next time. I hear they're very theatrical.