My People

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, November 07, 2007
This Thai commercial may be advertising light bulbs, but its insight into the culture of my people is surprisingly accurate:

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  1. Marisela Said,

    What the hell! That was crazy funny.


  2. Cheryl Said,

    Your people are awesome.


  3. WOW!! Whoever that came up with the concept is a genius.

    Oh btw, I found it interesting that some of the ghost that were mentioned there are same/similar to Malaysian folklore ghosts as well.

    Kra-Sue is 'Penaggal' in Malay and feeds on pregnant women blood...or something like that. I'm not sure. We too have the Banana ghost and the tall ghost.


  4. I told Loren those ghosts were really a part of Thai folklore. He was like, "No fucking way."

    ...Way. Especially the transvestite.


  5. thelastnoel Said,

    This explains your skittish nature. You were scared to death since childhood.


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