Notes to Self

On the I-5 from L.A. to S.F. this afternoon.

In S.F. for the night.

In San Jose for the day tomorrow.

On the I-5 from S.F. to L.A. tomorrow night.

In Orange County for a business meeting the day after that.

In downtown L.A. for my playwriting class that evening.

...Perfect scenarios for listening to audio novels while driving, but, fuck that, I have bootleg concert CDs!

(No, I don't have time to see you, San Franciscans. Unless you want to come over while I'm sleeping and touch me in places while I'm unconscious. No roofie necessary.)


  1. Swing by the San Gabriel Valley area, between Orange County and downtown L.A., and I'll hump your leg for you, with my two dogs.

  2. As per usual, his instruction for roofie-less molestation are very sparse, so that one could not have actually taken him up on said offer.

  3. But you all love my cockteasing ways.