Ooh, a Bloody Trailer--It MUST Be Good!

Josh Randall and I have had conversations in which he's bristled at the idea of horror movies, especially ones that involve torture. Well, I'm finally glad that he decided to stop being such a damn girl and is starring in Timber Falls—which looks like a good ol'-fashioned slasher movie mixed with a bit of modern-day brutality. The film caught some positive buzz at the Screamfest Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles, and it opens on December 7, 2007—and I'll make sure to be there that Friday afternoon to sneak in teenagers. ("Yeah, I'll get you into this R-rated movie—just gimme five bucks and a Hot Topic sticker.")

Now if I can only convince Josh to rally for a role—any role—in High School Musical 3, then his education will be complete.

If you have not yet heard the Bamboo Nation podcast episode featuring Josh, listen to it now. It's pretty darn entertaining. Get it off of iTunes or download it directly from my podcast site. Word.


  1. OOOH. I loves me a good torture film.

  2. Since Josh is a friend of mine, I don't feel okay about commenting about him being half-naked in chains. Would somebody else like to begin THAT discussion in my place? ...'Cuz you know it needs to be talked about.

  3. girlfriend?

    she had a wedding band on.

    i hate when they don't take care of continuity.