For some reason Loren finds this absolutely hilarious, so....

A few weeks ago Loren and my mom insisted that we have dinner at Coco's. The friendly waitress wondered if we wanted any appetizers, so she looked towards the ceiling as she was trying to recall everything on the menu. "Spinach artichoke dip? Quesadilla? Mozzarella sticks?"

She then looked at my mom, looked at me, widened her eyes, craned her neck forward, smiled, and enticed, "Pot stickers?" Loren claims that she actually said it like this: "Paaaaaaaaaaht stickers?" And he rolls on the floor laughing hysterically while repeating over and over again: "Paaaaaaaaaaht stickers?"

I didn't start laughing until like the 800th time he said it. That doesn't mean it's funny. It just means I give in easily.

(The accompanying photograph, by the way, is of a salad that they throw on top of a "Mexican pizza." Say "Mexican pizza" 800 times, and I bet you'll chuckle.)

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  1. Some of "us" out there only enable this type of profiling.
    At a Red Robin restaurant in OC, this weekend, we saw two Asian boys busy with their handheld video games, while their parents fed them the American fare with chopsticks.
    Neither of the two boys looked up once while they were being fed.