Revisiting Boy Bands: 5ive Is So Edgy That They Spell Their Name "5ive"!

They had piercings! They had a black member! They liked taking off their shirts! They inserted raps into their songs! They dared to call themselves "5ive" with a "5"! In the squeaky clean world of boy bands, 5ive (1997-2001) was edgy! Indeed, in their first hit single, "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)," they assured us that they were "five bad boys with the power to rock you!" And for kink's sake, they teased, "Do you wanna get freaky/when the five of us make one?" Sounds like a gangbang in the making.

Anyway, the U.K.-based band was the brainchild of the men who brought you the Spice Girls. And, aside from the hit singles, one of their members won "Best Haircut" three years in a row (Scott)!

Behold the magic:


  1. Ok first off....I watched that video 5ive times now and I am sooo damn giddy. Feel like I'm back in middle school. And their dance routines (whats with the leg swinging and all) is Manly ok. And Edgy. Coz thats what they are- Edgy.

    And secondly Prince, its not easy to win best haircut 3 years in a row. In a world of celebs with crazy haircut, Scott prevails. Besides it was that haircut that made them girls go crazy, I know it did for me.AHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! I was 12. Don't judge me.

    "Do you wanna get freaky/when the five of us make one?" Ok, to tell you the truth I did not catch that the 1st time that you mentioned it...yeah freaky shit.

    Oh btw, that pic of Scott you used with eyes sooo blue? Yeah....used that have that in poster hanging on my wall. Hotness.

  2. At this point, most people would lose complete respect for you. But me...I bow at your feet. (But, c'mon, really...Abs, Abs, Abs! [And I realize 99% of my readers don't know what the hell I'm talking about.... It'll be our little secret.])

  3. Why should they lose respect for me? They should just lose respect for me if they know that I used to have clippings of 5ive from various magazines put into a file and uh...lalalalala.

    Yes indeed, our little secret.