Revisiting Boy Bands: Boyzone Is at Least 1/5 Gay

Before Lance Bass admitted that his favorite food was sausage, a member of Irish boy band Boyzone (1993-2000) revealed that he was not only gay but also dating the member of another boy band (Caught in the Act), a secret that gay gay gay gay gaaaaaaaaaay Stephen Gately revealed at the height of Boyzone's runaway success. (Can you identify Gately in this accompanying photo? Look for the DSL! Look for the DSL!)

I don't remember Boyzone doing much cheesy dancing because they were mostly about tender ballads that were meant to make teen girls scream and wet themselves. In the following clip, I know you'll be tempted to snicker at the black guy in the hot air balloon and the kid with the apple (I'm not kidding), but, if you put yourself in Gately's closeted shoes circa 1998, "No Matter What" does hold some thematic and emotional resonance (Gately is the first one on screen here, singing "chick-a-cha"—and look at those DSL, look at those DSL!):


  1. There is a moment during an Andrew Lloyd Weber tribute (which I think aired on PBS at some point) where openly gay musical theater star Michael Ball and the blond Boyzone member blatantly look each other up and down. There's practically lip licking. For some reason, my roommate and I owned this video in college and would play this moment for anyone who walked into our apartment. Maybe that's why we didn't have a lot of return visitors.

  2. Hey my sis used to have a thing for Gately. I rmbr the day he announced that he was gay, it was at their concert. The final one in their Europe leg. broke a lot of hearts.

    Boyzone was before my time. But they did have a lot of good songs. Rmbr 'Picture of You'? Mr.Bean ost. That was good.

  3. Stephen Gately was a pioneer!

    As for the blond one, that's Ronan Keating and I wish he would swing.