Small Wonder

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Tuesday, November 20, 2007
In "A Very Hot Topic," one of the tales I spin in Jukebox Stories, I talk about how clothing stores don't ever seem to have clothes that fit me properly because of my small build and how I have to resort to strange alternatives as a shopper:

So out of fashion necessity, most of my adult life, I've spent lots of time in vintage clothing stores, where everything smells like feet; I've perused the available wardrobe at the Build-A-Bear Workshop, and that’s pretty absurd; and I've also shopped in the boys' section at Target, which makes me seem not only like a pervert...but like a cheap pervert.

In this accompanying photo, you see how true my stories are, despite the fact that they sound ridiculous and fabricated. Unable to find suits that were small enough for me at Macy's, I found a jacket that was just perfect for me in, yes, the boys' section at Target. I would've tried on a pair of pants, but security was already eyeing me suspiciously.
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  1. Solia Jacobs Said,

    aww i remember that story.


  2. Madley Said,

    My Pops is a small guy, but Mom never has trouble shopping for him... probably because he isn't as hip as you!


  3. J.Scott Said,

    I was able to shop in the boys departments of stores until my early thirties. Pretty much the same clothes at half the price. That's not cheap - that's twice the clothes!


  4. Cheryl Said,

    My friend Tommy had this same complaint. He said, "Is it because I'm Asian?" I said, "Maybe partly, but also because you're gay and like fitted clothes." Ironically, most actual 14-year-old boys are wearing pants that could fit a circus elephant.


  5. Marisela Said,

    Oh my gosh, Prince. I started laughing out loud at the phrase "cheap pervert."


  6. I need clothes! I'm not gonna let a little thing like public shame stop me from getting them!


  7. Alan Goy Said,

    I never heard "A Very Hot Topic", and I know you did it at least once the second run. One of the few I missed.


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