Thanksgiving Day

Thank you, dear readers, for making this blog so fun to write and maintain. I, of course, obsessively track Bamboo Nation's traffic, subscriber stats, and comments, and it's encouraging to know that you're willing to subject yourself to my commentary and silliness on a regular basis. (It's like a pimp-ho relationship, really, and that's the way I like it.)

This January marks the fifth anniversary of Bamboo Nation (previously called "The Prince Gomolvilas Online Journal"), and, boy, do I have some cool celebration plans. We'll see if I actually have the wherewithal to do it.

In the meantime, keep coming back because I am not as enlightened as you think I am and I still depend on the approval of others to validate my existence. So thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.


  1. Oh crap. So that means you know I'm stalking you?


    Oh btw, I went to watch Labute's Wreck today and I have to ask: What's the big deal?

    My friends enjoyed it but I thought of how you dont fancy Labute all that much and ended up disagreeing with them.

    Fangirl. Me.

  2. Are you kidding? We should be thanking you, toots. Whenever Google Reader informs me you've got a new post up, only food, sex or Sarah Silverman can keep me from checking out your latest observations TOOT SWEET. If only you could be a tad more compulsive about it, and post hourly, life would be comely indeed. Thank you, PG, for filling the ACHING VOID of early post-20th century lability. (That sounds nasty, but isn't -- sorry.)

  3. Happy turkey day Prince! Your blog keeps us all fabulous and hip. Keep it up!

  4. one of my best thanksgivings ever had a turkey that large and a friends that are family who came to visit from the uk.

    the son (who was 7 at the time) simply couldn't keep from touching the turkey... and finally put his face into the, um, bottom.

    thanks for the giggle.

    all the giggles.

    and the fact we agree to disagree on two things... one of them being your site should be all about