This Is Not a Waste of Time

OMG! What if lolcats took over the web? (Lolcats: images combining photographs of a cat with a humorous and idiosyncratic caption.) Well, a new software program translates any website into lolcats speak! Here's the lolcat version of Bamboo Nation, for example.

Thanks to Parabasis for posting the info on this. (When Isaac isn't blogging about such high-minded topics like politics and theater, he blogs about important stuff like lolcats and his hair. He also spends most of his day being hot.)


  1. Have you seen

    Check out "Bad Elmo"

    it's filled with translation tomfoolery

  2. I love! I have an calendar AND T-shirt! (All it says is DAMN DAMN DAMN over and over again like 30 times.

  3. This gentleman dressed as a LOL Cat for halloween: