A Timeline of Corporate Confusion (or Malfeasance?)

October 15, 2007: AOL announces massive layoffs, eliminating 2,000 of its 10,000 jobs.

October 16, 2007: The managing editor of AOL's QueerSighted blog is given the boot, but is allowed to post a vague farewell.

October 19, 2007: Despite the fact that QueerSighted draws millions of visitors per month, pulls in a significant amount of ad revenue, is well on its way to becoming the most trafficked non-porn gay site on the Internet, and costs relatively little to run, all the site's bloggers (including me!) are told that AOL would "be unable to maintain the QueerSighted.com blog moving forward."

October 23, 2007: AOL does not announce the demise of QueerSighted, but, rather, posts an entry that says: "Changes are coming to QueerSighted. We appreciate your patience during this time of transition."

November 5, 2007: QueerSighted's bloggers are given official notice that their contracts have been terminated and that AOL "no longer has need of your services."

November 19, 2007: Former QueerSighted blogger Richard Rothstein posts scathing commentary on his Proceed at Your Own Risk blog, detailing the rise and fall of QueerSighted: "AOL and the Death of QueerSighted."

November 20, 2007: Other blogs and sites run with Richard's commentary and speculate about what exactly was behind QueerSighted's demise. Most charge AOL with homophobia and/or corporate malfeasance.

November 27, 2007: AOL posts an entry that declares, "This interruption is just a pause, and QueerSighted will return to full-fledged bloggy production soon." This entry is actually backdated to November 21.

...To which I say, "What the fuck?!" I have no idea what's going on. But you know how I just love conspiracy theories.


  1. Haha!

    and i was just checking over there and wondering why you hadn't updated your blog.

    this explains A LOT.

  2. Sterling11/27/2007

    All I can say is corporations. This is ridiculous, but I think Richard lays it all out very nicely. Damn corporate homophobia.

  3. Yeah agreed, total homophobia.

    Its sad that there are waaaay too many people out there that are still homophobic.

  4. Pull the homophobia card--yes!

  5. You know I love pulling the homophobia card and the race card any chance I get!

  6. I dunno, if AOL were homophobic than they probably wouldn't have developed the site in the first place. What, it took them six months to realize that they hate gays? Sounds less like corporate homophobia and more like good ole corporate mismanagement and greed.