Totally F-ed Up (But I Can't Stop Laughing)

So there are a bunch of Internet pranks where you trick people into sitting in front of a computer to play a game—one that usually requires intense concentration on the screen. At some point, Linda Blair's demonically possessed face from The Exorcist (or some similar frightening face) pops up and screams, and it usually scares the living shit out of people—sometimes sending them flying out of chairs, sometimes making them piss their pants.

In this example of proud parenting, a dad sets up his unsuspecting son. The kid is so young, this is F-ed up beyond belief, but, man, is it funny (Child Protective Services, where are you?!):

These other clips are also hilarious—the last of which shows how a guy is so scared he pisses himself. Enjoy these, cruel world:


  1. best movie line in movie history is from the exorcist: "your mother sucks cocks in hell!" it's the feel-good movie of the year!

  2. god forgive me, i'm sending this to my son.

    you know, my bestest friend knew her son was reading the, she locked her bedroom door, put on her snow boots, crawled out of the ground floor bedroom window, climbed over the fence... scratched on his window and uttered the famous line.

    she then scrambled over the fence, back in the window and into bed with the wet boots on, while her husband said in a pretend sleepy voice, "wait... just a minute" as her hysterical 17 year old son almost took the door down in fear.

    she's a hoot.

  3. Yes, I know, don't you feel dirty?!