Unique Dish...or Bullshit?

Last night Loren took me to Fatty's, a terrific vegetarian restaurant in Eagle Rock, where we ordered the most ridiculous appetizer ever invented. It was a plate of salt. No, no, I'm serious. We ordered salt. That was the appetizer. Salt.

In order to properly taste the salt, we were also given small chunks of potatoes to dip in the salt—to fully bring out the salty flavor.

The three different types of salt we were allowed to experience were Hawaii's Alaea Clay Salt, Australia's Murray River Salt, and Denmark's Viking Smoked Sea Salt. I would give you an individual review of each of these salts from around the world, but, well, THEY ALL TASTED LIKE SALT. Salt is salt, mofos!


  1. Anonymous11/05/2007

    Please understand that for Prince food begins and ends with Spaghetti-Os

  2. to experience this, i cut up a potato, and dipped it in morton's salt and then into generic salt.

    i felt the morton's had a fresh flash of flavour, causing me to want to carry an umbrella. the generic was more basic, with no gray shades..

    this entire meal cost me $2.37.

  3. Next time you're at Fatty's, I think you should order the same appetizer but ask the waiter, "Can you make a low-salt version of this dish?"

  4. Isaac Hale11/06/2007

    I'm kind of freaked out by how close to me you live... That considered, would you be at all interested in speaking or performing at Oxy at some point? We'd love to have you...

  5. Anonymous11/07/2007

    isaac, prince will only perform if he is brought onto stage in a sedan chair held aloft by a group of your finest swimmers in their speedos.