Weighing Pork Chop [Episode 001: Pilot]

In this pilot episode of my riveting new web show, Weighing Pork Chop, I attempt to find out exactly how heavy my kitten is. This is my first stab at creating a show, and I'm sure you'll agree that it may just be the crowning achievement in my entire oeuvre. If you like it enough, I'll turn this into an ongoing series. Enjoy:

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Behind-the-scenes trivia:

* This episode was shot on a Casio Exilim EX-Z75 digital camera, which is actually primarily intended for taking stills.

* This episode was edited on Windows Movie Maker, software that came with my laptop.

* The music used in this episode is "Dance of the Hours," a ballet from the opera La Gioconda composed by Amilcare Ponchielli.


  1. your cat is cute. haha.

  2. Holy shit indeed.....damn, that is one fat cat.

    Funny video though, I love how Pork Chop refuses to move at all times. AHAHAHAHA.

    More videos Prince! More videos! Yay!

  3. Please do make this an ongoing series, so we can get Pork Chop onto Cute Overlords - I mean, Cute Overload.

  4. Sterling11/26/2007

    Holy Shit!
    I'm laughing so hard I'm crying, and getting odd looks from the other people in the bagel shop. Please make this a series, please.

  5. Pork Chop would be very flattered by all your compliments if he weren't so indifferent. Hey, cat, I'm turning you into a star! Don't h8--appreciate!

  6. you don't make your bed?

    oh, right... the cat. cute.

    you really don't make your bed?

    (can you tell i suffer from cdo?)

  7. That. Is. Awesome.

    Your cat is 5 pounds lighter than my dog, and waaaay more docile.

  8. Anonymous11/27/2007