You Had Me at "Under"

In what could be the greatest contest ever created in the history of humankind, Jockey has launched a competition called "Underwars," where people submit videos of themselves dancing in their underwear for a chance to win $5,000. Underwear dancers are then pitted against each other in head-to-head competitions to see who will advance to the next round. Jockey, of course, bars the videos from being too salacious—but put boxers and a white T-shirt on a hottie, and watch me swoon like a 13-year-old Indonesian girl at a boy-band concert.

When I visited the site this morning, the main match was between CocktailKing—a dreadlocked dude with his dog—and DoctorDrawers—an Asian guy in a dentist's office in boxers, T-shirt, and a lab coat. How could I not vote for the Asian?! He's in an MFing lab coat, for Christ's sake! And how, oh, how has this Asian doctor lost 2 out of 3 matches so far?! Folks, I'm not sure DoctorDrawers can withstand another loss. YOU have to help him pummel CocktailKing! Go to DoctorDrawer's competition page, watch a match (by the time you read this, I'm not sure which match he'll be in), move your cursor over his video to expand, and vote for him! Vote, vote, vote! Aside from the dance, there's so much to admire: the light! the gloves! his serious face!


  1. i offer up the man walking in a jaunty stride up 57th in naught but his jockeys.

    they were a nice shade of navy blue, and very clean.

    not that i noticed.

  2. I think you owe it to your loyal following to submit your own video for this contest, especially after all of the prick teasing you do here, in Bamboo Nation, with several mentions of you dancing around in your underwear at home.

    Bring it, beotch!