American Outrage

Isaac over at Parabasis has been posting a lot about this, and it's about time that I help spread the word. He writes:

Beginning next week, as a result of a process corrupt and inhumane, the Government will compound the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina with a man-made one. They will bulldoze 5,000 units of public housing in order to make way for luxury development. There are currently no plans to build replacement housing. The goal is to exile poor black residents from New Orleans (every single resident of the 5,000 units of housing is African American).

If you are sufficiently outraged, he lists five simple things you can do on his blog.


  1. i am new orleans born and bred. the destruction of my beloved city didn't happen because of katrina, it happened because of the levee's breaking.. levee's that were not designed to stand up to a hurricane of that size. it happened because the government has allowed wetlands to be developed. it happened because of a number of things.

    i went home recently, and blogged about it in late september.. it was such a shock to me, i was in a daze at points.

    fema should be drug though the streets after being tarred and feathered.

    the area being bulldozed is a wasteland of violence.. i've been there in the last three months. the buildings are abandoned, and hold squatters. murder, rape.. you name it goes on. they need to come down.

    with that said, more housing needs to go up... affordable housing.

    i admire what brad pitt has done from his own pocket... building affordable housing for the 9th ward, which has always been a scary place to be and live.

    east new orleans is harsh, poor and where i grew up...

    step up people, lift your voices, put your money in a place you KNOW will help the city, and make sure not only is housing built, but, it's good housing.

    i'll get off my soapbox now.

  2. It's great to hear from someone who was there. Thanks.

    Did you see the Spike Lee documentary? Overhwleming.