Bloody Hell!, Part 2: The "Sweeney Todd" Edition

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Saturday, December 29, 2007
You know, I kind of like the new Sweeney Todd movie, even though I can't really sing along to Sondheim musicals. As you know, that's how I measure the greatness of a musical—I have to be able to stand on my seat, wearing a cape and being blown by a wind machine, and belt out tunes as they unfold onscreen. But there were a lot of other things to keep me occupied here, not the least of which are a series of well-choreographed, bloody, throat-slashing murders and Johnny Depp's David Bowie impersonation.

However, the musical's central love song, "Johanna," does go down easy and roll off the tongue. I mean, you MUST listen to some of this. Click play, click play, click play, promise me you'll click play and listen to at least a few seconds:

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  1. Solia Jacobs Said,

    see, i was worried about sweeney because i loved the stage version so much, but i was actually pretty satisfied with it.

    oh my god.

    and i saw Juno FINALLY last night.
    frikkin amazing. i am in love with that movie.


  2. gosh , that song IS catchyyy ..



  3. Ha ha ha ha ha! I punk'd people with that Kool & the Gang song! Ha ha ha ha ha!


  4. Diablo Cody Said,

    This is the REAL Joanna, as far as I'm concerned!


  5. golfwidow Said,

    If it makes you feel any better, you owned me. Now I've got "Babababababababababababababa" stuck in my head.

    I feel like Goldie Hawn in Overboard.


  6. Quin Said,

    i'm going to have a hard time with this, as i, too, saw the broadway revival of this two years ago..

    i'll let you know when i see it (which is god knows when... the uk won't get it until the week after i leave)


  7. lap Said,

    I was perfectly happy to listen to some Kool & the Gang, thank you. I have this pull to see Sweeney Todd, yet for all my movie-musical love, I am a Sondheim naif. Maybe I should wait until they issue ST as a Sing It PS2 game first...


  8. Mead Said,

    You are crew-elle, Prince G.....


  9. thelastnoel Said,

    Oh, this song sent me waaaaay back!Thanks for the memories.


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