Bloody Hell!

How the bloody hell can a movie about political history be so goddamn entertaining and funny? Cynics may charge rank revisionism, but I don't care if that's the case or not because I laughed more during Charlie Wilson's War than many of the "comedies" I've seen this year.

All those years churning out smart and snappy dialogue for Sports Night (one of my favorite series) and The West Wing (which I have never seen except for one episode—GASP!) has really given Aaron Sorkin ample opportunities to master his craft, and he seems to be channeling David Mamet by way of Wag the Dog here.

If war and politics were this much of a romp in real life, I would do a better job of keeping up with current events. Can't we just have Aaron Sorkin and Philip Seymour Hoffman anchor the news every night?


  1. This is the movie I wanted to see this year.

    Unless a miracle happens between now and Tuesday, I can forget that.

    (You've really only seen one episode of West Wing? The show that brought us the killer line: "Ah, sarcasm. The grumpy man's wit"? Say what you will about agendas and poli-sci, Aaron Sorkin is a genius with dialogue.

  2. I like Aaron Sorkin's writing, and I thought A Few Good Men was a nice piece in spite of Tom Cruise too. Plus, Studio 60 made me like Matthew Perry again, so yay.