Can I Buy Love With $5,000?; Or: Help Me, Readers!

You, yes, you can help me. But first, some background.

Gabriel keeps telling me that hardly anyone enters video contests, so your chances of winning a prize are very high if you are at least halfway competent. That's how he won like $10,000 cash for throwing together a little two-minute video for some travel contest. He reminded me of this on Monday—so, as an experiment, on Tuesday I checked to see what contest deadlines were coming up and on Wednesday I shot, edited, and submitted a one-minute video for a student loan consolidation company's contest (ScholarPoint), in which the prize is $5,000 cash.

As you know, I have a camera that is primarily used for taking stills, but also happens to shoot video of questionable quality. Seeing that in the final round of judging video quality only accounts for 10% of the score, I was like, "Well, fuck, let's put together a crappy-looking video, but make up for it in charisma or, at the very least, Asian-ness!"

Anyway, the contest is in the second round, and what has to happen is I need to acquire as many positive comments as I can on my video's YouTube page (not here!). (High star ratings wouldn't hurt either.) This is where you come in. And I thank you from the bottom of my soul (I almost accidentally typed "hole," so take your pick):


  1. I love my readers, but they are LAZY!

    ...I'll find out next month though.

  2. I didn't even hear about this until you posted it on Facebook, so way to cross-market. Hopefully those comments will x-plode!