The Funny Thing About Perspective

Since Pork Chop plopped himself down across my stomach while I was lying on the couch this evening, I didn't want to move. (Or: I couldn't move?) So I decided to stay where I was instead of going to my bedroom, I stretched my arm out to grab the remote control, and I flipped through channels until I landed on Leno. The Ben Taylor Band was giving a terrific performance of a great song I had never heard before called "Island." Unfamiliar with the group, I went online to discover that Taylor is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon, and this very night Ben posted a blog entry that pretty much denounced his Leno appearance:

Just letting anyone who happened to have caught tonights rerun of the leno show featuring the extremely inebriated confused and otherwise ill advised version of myself and my old band, know that I was young and fucked up and apparently needed the lesson.
Kids, stay away from drugs and/on national TV. it will come back to bite you in the ass.

The odd thing is, of course, it was that performance that turned me on to his music and sent me searching for more songs and information. I honestly don't really know what he's referring to in his post since it was such a compelling performance, but looking back I suppose it was bit odd that he had his shirt completely unbuttoned and open and Jay Leno did sort of recoil a bit while giving him a half-hug at the end of the song.

Well, if that was him at his worst, his best must be fucking amazing.

So listen to "Island." It's "neo-psychodelic folk funk," according to Taylor. All you have to do is press play (isn't immem amazing?):

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