How "Bramukkah" Came to Be

Last year Loren and Joanne, who are heathens to the core, wanted to celebrate Hanukkah with Alissa, who is a real live Jew. (Hard to come by in the entertainment industry, as you know.) Somehow the non-religious duo were struck by the brilliant idea of buying bras, cutting them up, and wearing them on their heads as yarmulkes. Since Alissa had already been subjected to a litany of offensive holiday suggestions, bras-as-yarmulkes was where Alissa drew the line. No bras. But the name "Bramukkah" stuck, and that is how "Bramukkah" came to be.

The trio were joined this year by me, Gabriel, and Jonny. We spent the evening decorating real yarmulkes (Alissa's resistance seems to be weakening), eating latkes (though Loren wanted to kill me for putting ketchup on them), and listening to a random playlist of more than a hundred Barbra Streisand songs and Jewish kids' music.

GABRIEL (to PRINCE): Did you download these off iTunes?

PRINCE: Hell no! It's streaming for free off of Rhapsody. Like I'm gonna spend a hundred dollars on Jewish childrens' songs!


  1. "Hell no!"

    Ah, yes, it's the true Bramukkah spirit.

  2. Sacrilegious!

    Hmm, maybe I can do the same with my old dance belts.

    Thanks for the recycling tip!