Leave It to the French

When I saw a news headline online this morning that read "Dancing Men in Underwear," of course I had to click it. And, boy, it sure is fun to learn something new every day.

Celio, a menswear store in France, has hired a cadre of male models—fit and not-so-fit—to prance around in red boxers (news clip here) and act as surrogate husbands and boyfriends. That's right! Not sure if your man will fit in a particular outfit that you like? Then have one of Les Shoppenboys try it on! They come in all sizes!

Les Shoppenboys' popularity have now sparked a calendar and a remarkably cheesy music video:


  1. This is absurdly funny. Cheryl turned me onto your blog via the Pork Chop videos. Love it!

  2. Well, hello! All are welcome, all are welcome....

  3. The guy on the right in that photo looks like he's doing the truffle shuffle.