Okay, so I finally started watching Lost. After the first four hours of the first season, I admit that it's perfectly entertaining, intriguing, and well-made—but I'm not entirely sure that I want to sit through another 60+ episodes.

In the comments section, could you please make a case for why I must keep watching? Or will you just reveal to me everything that happens and ruin it for me so that I won't want to go on? Either response is acceptable. (If necessary, indicate "SPOILERS" to protect other readers. As for me, I don't give a shit.)


  1. Hmmm...I personally don't think you should, but if you must, there's a couple good things about the show.

    1. Characters constantly go from being bad guys to good guys and back again. Definitely not black and white.
    2. Casting at its best...well, Naveen Andrews is Indian playing Iraqi...but Daniel Dae gets some very decent screen time as a misunderstood Korean good guy. And in the second season, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (I had to look that one up) is very compelling.
    3. Death! As with 24, an enjoyable show is one where you really don't know if people are going to live.

  2. okay.... first season rocked

    second season... a3 was magnificent.

    it goes down from there. plot lines get tangled, you get tired of 'guy who knows everything', i almost want 'hobbit with a habit' to o.d., 'hot doctor' can't act, and let's be honest, how long before the dna pool gets dirty?

    heroes at least ties up story lines in a tidy, quick fashion, letting you move on, and stay involved.

    lost is becoming, well, lost.

  3. i gave up on it during season three.

    but 1 good reason to watch it?

    Josh Holloway a.k.a Sawyer is HOT. haha.

  4. Ah, I was intrigued for a while, but then it occurred to me that the writers were just making shit up. They probably had a good story arc for two seasons, but they tried to stretch it too far.

  5. Dear readers, thank you for your input. I shall not continue "Lost." I'm going online right now to find out everything that happens! Ha ha ha! I'm ruining it for myself...forever!

  6. awww man, I love LOST ... you don't know what you're missing ^__^

  7. I am in the same camp as you on this one. Hubby, a diehard LOST watcher from the beginning, received all three seasons for Christmas. Since then, he has been trying to convince me to watch it. Convince might be a little nice. I feel like he is forcing me to watch. Churning out ultimatums left and right. I was hoping to learn all the secrets, so I won't have to watch, but these crazed fans are tight lipped. If you are successful on your quest, please clue me in. :-)