My 10 Favorite YouTube Clips of 2007

I shared a crapload of video clips from YouTube with you this year, and, after much analysis and soul-searching, I have come up with a brilliant list of My 10 Favorite YouTube Clips of 2007! I think you'll be impressed by the diversity (and giddy satisfaction) of this collection. Once the clips start playing, clicking the right arrow on the player will move you forward to the next clip (clips are also linked here):

Number 10 and 9 are there for their sheer "wow" factor (stop motion skateboarding! correctional choreography in the Philippines!). Of course, I had to choose at least one High School Musical 2-related video, so I elected to go all the way to China for Number 8. Number 7 is just too damn cute (kitty!). Number 6 is a bizarre commercial (from Thailand, no less!). Number 5 and 4 are real-life WTF?'s (a girl falls! a girl blows!). Number 3 is perhaps the most unintentionally funny news report of all time (the repeated use of "incidences"! the interviewees who just don't give a shit!). And Numbers 2 and 1 send me into fits of hysterical laughter every time I see them (thank god for Asians and the Finnish!).

I hope you enjoy 'em as much as I did!

Now...were there any gross omissions?


  1. funfunfun!

    i just emailed you a nice little collection of some faves of mine...enjoy!

  2. Hey, thanks! I check them out.