Naked Bathhouse Knife Fight!

When I saw Crash in 1996 (not to be confused with the 2004 ensemble picture), a film about people who get off on car accidents, I was so disgusted, disturbed, and repulsed by the movie's depravity and lack of humanity that I swore that I would only watch PG and PG-13 rated films from then on for the rest of my life. That declaration only lasted a few weeks because I wanted to see Scream, so I revised my promise—I would never see another David Cronenberg film ever again (you see how you never want to wrong me?), even though I'd admired about a half dozen of his previous efforts.

So eleven years and three David Cronenberg movies later, my promise held firm—until last night, when I watched Eastern Promises. And you know what? Aside from being preposterously gory, it's a pretty taut and entertaining thriller about a woman (Naomi Watts) who accidentally gets entangled in the Russian mafia in London. My favorite part was not Viggo Mortensen's full-frontal knife fight (I'm not that shallow, ha ha ha), but Armin Mueller-Stahl's understated but scary performance.

The script, I just discovered on IMDB right now, was written by Steve Knight, who also penned the great Dirty Pretty Things, about immigrants in London who become embroiled in an organ-harvesting plot.

Truce, Cronenberg, truce.


  1. i loved d.p.t.

    i'll check out the others...

  2. Dirty Pretty Things rocked.

    I had to watched it twice coz the first time I watched it I was too young to appreciate its beauty.