Number One

I've seen more than 100 movies that were released in 2007 so far, so my list of favorite films of the year will be very exciting. Look for it in January.

But today I must give you a sneak preview of that coveted list because my number one favorite movie of 2007 comes out on DVD today, and, if you haven't seen it yet, you must put down your ThighMaster and run to the video store right now.

If you've been reading this blog a while, you know how I initially popped a major boner over Once and then did so again and again.

I have often wondered, however, if you have to be a certain age to appreciate the film as much as I did. So I'd be interested to hear what the young-'uns think. What say you, young-'uns?


  1. omg

    i love this film. i listened to the soundtrack so much that my laptop finally said, STOP AlREADY!!

    'falling slowly' still makes me well up in tears...

    this film makes you believe, doesn't it?

  2. Once...very good, not great (although maybe one of the best movies made about music). Also, I wouldn't call it a chick flick, because it's mostly from the guy's perspective, like Annie Hall.

    This year I preferred Ratatouille.