Pants-Crappingly Scary

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Monday, December 31, 2007
There are plenty of cheap horror film gimmicks that make you jump in the new Spanish frightfest, The Orphanage, but there are also several drawn-out sequences of dread that are so terrifying that they may bring you to the verge of tears or of crapping your pants. I mean, c'mon, a wheezing kid with a burlap sack (painted to look like a scarecrow) over his head standing at the end of a dark hallway? That's enough to make anybody scream. Children are scary enough. Dress them up like scarecrows and I don't know what the fuck.

The movie doesn't quite pack the emotional wallop that it wants to (I think maybe you have to be a woman to appreciate its themes of motherhood), but, damn, it's scary as fuck:

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