Santa Sexually Assaulted!

A 33-year-old Connecticut woman on crutches has been accused of groping a mall Santa.

Um...I actually don't have anything more to add here. Move along.


  1. okay

    i have a photo taken of the godmother and i from years ago, when we thought it would be cute to sit on santa's lap.

    she is smiling, there on his left knee.

    i have a look of shock.

    why? because the boozy old fuck had his hand on my breast.

    right there in the photo...there's his hand, cupping my breasticle.

    they gave us the photo for free.

    go figure.

  2. It wasn't me. I use a cane.

    Not that I think you think it's me.

    Because it isn't.

  3. Quin, that's a bad Santa. But I contend that women are bigger pervs. (See: Golfwidow.)