Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name

I've always had such a strange fascination for the American Pie movies that I have not only seen the trilogy but I have also seen all the direct-to-DVD "American Pie Presents" titles: Band Camp, The Naked Mile, and, most recently, Beta House. (They're attempting to ride the wave of the "National Lampoon Presents" franchise.) I suppose I find a sick thrill in watching what straight guys supposedly get off on and find funny—dumb, crass T&A fests. I mean, what gay man hasn't had a blast at a "live nude girl" strip club, watching college dudes get off on lap dances? (Hmm...or is that just me?)

Watching Beta House last night, however, there seemed to be something fishy going on aside from the usual gross antics (which repeatedly involve some kind of semen) that I couldn't quite put my finger on...until the last half hour of the film.

The good ol' frat boys at the Beta House are competing against the nerds at the Geek House in a series of athletic events (like who can unhook girls' bras the fastest). Seeing the competition crystallized what I had subconsciously registered earlier in the movie. All the heroes of Beta House are white (with a few tokens milling about in the background), and, although the Geek House is led by a Caucasian dude, the rest of the group is populated by minorities. Indeed, in key events the demonized Geek House sends out an Asian, a South Asian, and a black guy to compete against their white opponents. Talk about a race war.

No harm was meant, I'm sure, but, man, was I left with a bad taste in my mouth (and I'm not talking about body fluids).


  1. Why does that directly echo the casting for the frat members in "Revenge of the Nerds?"

    (no progress to measure in the last two decades?)

    Drink pineapple juice for a sweeter taste!

  2. It's not just the racism that surprises me ..

    Us nerds have come a long way since, to be still potrayed like this ...

  3. Peter, get out of ma hayed, 'cos that's what I was gonna say.

    Strawberries work, too.

  4. Ha ha!
    I didn't know that strawberries worked, too.

    Thanks, GW--now I know what to buy Prince at the market!
    ('cos u KNOW how we all luv us some hayed)