Steal These Songs

I like having talented friends because, at the very least, I am talented by association. Jonny has generously made 12 songs known as the Silvergirl album available to download for free off his blog. His self-described "canyon rock" is delightful, infectious, and homey like a down blanket. I urge you to download all 12 tracks now.

Need convincing? Listen to this lovely a capella opening track, or, if you need a song with instruments to convince you, try the smashing "Lonesome Man." If these songs don't noodle their way into your heart, you probably have no soul and should probably just lay down and die right now.


  1. You couldn't have found a hotter pic of me to make me look all moody and artsy?

  2. I only have two pics of you: the one here, displaying an offensive faux yarmulke; and the other one, you're sulking in the trunk of an SUV. In my opinion, both are extremely moody and artsy.