"Thanks, Brah"

As an experiment, I have decided to make "brah" a regular part of my vocabulary. "Brah" is a variation of "bro" which is short for "brother" which is slang for "friend" or "buddy" and does not mean your actual brother. So last night when I bought a Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi from the checkout guy at Famima!!, I said, "Thanks, brah." And when the guy took my ticket at I Am Legend: "Thanks, brah." Neither of them interpreted this as ironic in any way whatsoever, which is good because that's my intention, brah!

(By the way, the individual parts of I Am Legend are pretty good: scary vampire-zombies make for tense Will Smith action sequences and quiet moments of the deserted streets of New York City are genuinely creepy and a triumph of CG technology—but the movie never really gelled as a cohesive whole for me. No offense intended—that's just my opinion, brah.)

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