There Will Be Blah

Posted by Prince Gomolvilas
ON Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Running time: 158 minutes. I sure do hope you like looking at pretty pictures of barren landscape.

Suggestion: Stay home and re-watch Paul Thomas Anderson's punchy porn-biz masterpiece, Boogie Nights, or his even superior character-rich Magnolia. Hell, even Hard Eight, which he has semi-disowned (well, he won't refer to it as "Hard Eight," a studio-given title), and Punch-Drunk Love are both pretty damn interesting.
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  1. you're not making me very excited about sitting here and watching my TWBB screener ...

    Honestly i haven't started it because its a little daunting trying to find a 3 hour window for it.


  2. Knit a scarf while it plays. Or read a book. Or do your laundry. So many options to occupy your valuable time.


  3. howard ho Said,

    There will be Oscar.


  4. Howard, if you see this and love it, this is one I'd be willing to take you down on in a smackdown.


  5. well, i know what you mean... and i'd much rather watch Sweeny Todd over again, for fun's sake.

    I think it was incredibly well done. The acting was phenomenal and at least it's not all artifice and exposition liek 99% of the crap i'm subjected to the rest of the time i'm watching movies.

    Magnolia was a big miss or me and i still think Boogie Nights is dramatically under-rated. Overall it is an amazing film but is like reading Tolstoy, you know it's amazing but there's a reason I blog and read Carl Hiaasen while i'm reading it. haha


  6. RBA, are you talking about There Will Be Blood or Sweeny Todd?

    Also, am I supposed to know who you are?


  7. I was talkin bout TWBB & not supposed to know who I am unless you spend a lot of time in Northwest Arkansas.

    I have taken a hiatus from writing so I comment on random blogs.


  8. Howard, I'll smack you down in private next time I see you because most artistic grievances I cannot air in public....


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