Those Chinese Pickled Leeks Must Be Hella Good!

When London widow Golda Bechal died at the age of 88, her will specified that $21 million was to be left to the family that ran the Chinese restaurant that she frequented. According to the inheriting husband, Bechal was a classy woman who "always enjoyed her Chinese pickled leeks and bean sprouts."

I don't know about you, but, if I'm going to leave somebody $21 million, they'd better be serving me more than some lousy leeks and bean sprouts. Get me some honey walnut shrimp and double up the mayonnaise!

The woman's five nephews and nieces have been trying to get the will declared invalid for the last three years, claiming that Bechel was suffering from dementia even way back in 1994 when the will was written and despite the fact that the Chinese couple vacationed with her regularly, reports Associated Press. Well, a High Court recently ruled that the will is legal, which convinces me that I really do need to befriend some wealthy widows and cook for them.

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  1. It's only 10:14 a.m. but it's never too early for HONEY WALNUT SHRIMP! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm