Weighing Pork Chop [Episode 005: The Escalation]

Thanks to you, dear readers, my SIC-Vids Contest entry is closing in on being the video with the most views and has so far collected the most comments—by almost double the trailing entry (which all but guarantees my moving into the final round in a few weeks)! I'm so so close to my $5,000 worth of free money. So I am rewarding you with a new episode of Weighing Pork Chop! Enjoy:

Want some more behind-the-scenes trivia? Well, what started out as a simple experiment that I threw together in a matter of minutes (see Episode 001) has evolved into a huge production. Believe it or not, this episode took me about five hours to conceive, shoot, and edit. I feel like Orson Welles (as does Pork Chop).


  1. i don't like cats.

    well, i didn't.

    i....i.... loves pork chop.

  2. Unbelievable!
    I can't believe you got those shots of him looking down, as if in shame! Great expressions and oh-so-hilarious!

  3. I keep telling Pork Chop that he's going to win the Kitty Academy Award! (A cat must dream.)

  4. Why is your hair all slicked down?

  5. Diana, that's the brilliant thing about my hair. I can style it in many different fascinating ways!

  6. My husband made me watch this series today. Needless to say, I'm sending it to everyone I know, because of the awesome. Please, please keep making these. They are brilliant.

    Incidentally, years ago I dated this guy and once had to take his cat to the vet. Now, his cat was humongous, but I never realized exactly how ginormous this cat was until the vet weighed him. 23 lbs. The vet actually excitedly called out to everyone working in the vet's office, "hey everybody! you wanna see a 23 lb cat?" And then they all came over to see. Much ooh-ing and aah-ing ensued.

    The cat was put on a diet, but because he was kind of a farm cat, he just supplemented his reduced calorie diet with a steady flow of rats and gophers, which he would sometimes chow down on at the foot of the bed. In the middle of the night. That was fun to wake up to.

    Anyway, Pork Chop is adorable, and these are brilliant, and thanks for reading my rambly fan-girl-like post.

  7. Sundari, that's hilarious! You see, cats gotta eat!

    And Pork Chop thanks everyone for the mad props. It encourages him to keep doing more shows. (He keeps threatening retirement.)